A simple human in pursuit of a calloused mind...and puns. I enjoy callousing my mind via adventures and brutal physical challenges. I also enjoy spending time down the bitcoin rabbithole. I share my learnings via The Calloused Coin Newsletter.

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Main Content

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Content Description
Bitcoin Newsletter The home page of my Calloused Coin Newsletter
Bitcoin Rabbit Hole Resources to help you start learning about Bitcoin
Sats Converter My first bitcoin project that converts sats to usd and vice-versa

Buy & Earn Bitcoin

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Service Description
Swan Bitcoin (KYC) Easy way to buy bitcoin and get started
Bisq (noKYC) Easy way to buy noKYC bitcoin
Robosats (noKYC) Easy way to buy noKYC bitcoin
Fold Earn sats back on everyday purchases
Lolli Earn sats back when you shop online at 1000+ stores
Strike Earn sats back when you send money to one of Strike's partners


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